Auxbeat X Next.Ep

UpNext Series


Featuring an Auxbeat X Next.Ep collaboration!

Auxbeat Dance Company regularly opens the Uptraining program to non-members and guests who want to take classes from established choreographers in the metro. This is a means for Auxbeat to share the craft to fellow contact center agents, one way to bring dance into the BPO community!

Joining us to share their craft in our open classes are choreographers from the urban dance team, Next.Ep—Part Cruz, Fendee Mempin, Karen Ramos, and Labb Janiola.

For inquiries contact us at 0977-833-8390, see our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter!




Date and Time: Saturdays 6PM-7:30PM


Dancing Queen Dance Studio

Lower G/F Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave, Makati City



3/F 1012 San Antonio Street Oakridge Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City

Pricing: PhP200 for one class

Why the limited slots?

The Uptraining program is a standard closed training regimen designed by Auxbeat Dance Company’s faculty for trainee advancement within the company rankings. However, in some sessions, guest choreographers are invited to teach—and in these cases the Uptraining session is made into an open class. While non-members are invited to join, Auxbeat trainees are a priority.

Can I drop-in?

Yes, all classes in the UpNext Series are on a drop-in basis! Drop by our studio!

You can send your inquiries by contacting Ice at or at 0977-833-8390.