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Protocol 2015:

The Ultimate IT-BPM Street Dance Championship

Protocol 2015: The Ultimate IT-BPM Street Dance Championship,” is a competitive street dance event that features the various talents of members of the IT-BPM industry. The competition is an annual event that aims to be the biggest industry-wide competition that employees and professionals within the sector will anticipate every year.

In line with the vision of building and nurturing a community, the competition seeks to involve as many participants and spectators as possible who will actively endorse a healthy work-life balance through dance and music, a consciousness for health and fitness amid an environment of stress, toxic work schedules, and several other health risks, and a culture of employee engagement and recognition through activities that highlight talent, showmanship, creativity, and teamwork outside of the workplace.

Great news! The deadline of registration is extended to July 31! Get your crew ready and enlist to the only IT-BPM street dance competition that matters now! To register online, go to http://protocol-streetdance.com/register-onlineFor the complete registration and competition mechanics, visit us at http://protocol-streetdance.com/mechanics, or send us a message at social@protocol-streetdance.com or jennifer.castillo@auxbeat.com.