Let's build an exciting new community!


Auxbeat Dance Company is the pioneer all-BPO talents dance group in the metro providing training, classes, and workshops to serve as channels for BPO employees to pursue their passion for dance—all while maintaining a healthy work-play balance.



Concentration is narrowed down to urban choreography and related studio-styles such as lyrical choreography, LA Style, and G-style. Other studio- and street-styles are embraced as well.



Auxbeat , formed by talents from several BPO companies, exists to pioneer and unite a dance community   within the industry as well as to   promote genuine improvement of its craft   through extensive training and activities that aim to hone both its members’ technical and creative skills, all while sustaining the balance between work and dance.



Auxbeat   envisions to be a dance team of working individuals,   maintaining a healthy balance between work and dance , that levels and in the future   exceeds with standards of top-notch dance groups in the metro , in terms of choreography, technical skill and knowledge, and creativity.

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