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Happiness Dance Crew

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CNC Buckhounds



CMC Upbeat


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Convergys Eton

Owen remembers dancing as something he does in front of his aunts and uncles to, well, earn some money. He can see how entertaining he was when he dances, and he would gladly do it in front of his relatives. He entertained many even as he reached high school, as he saw himself as the big and fluffy person he claims he is, and used that to his advantage.

Upon getting into college though, he discovered that, for him, it can all be something bigger than just being “Barney dancing.” Owen was exposed to hip-hop and cheerleading, and from then on he considered the genres his bestfriends. He admits he’s still that “bouncy” guy, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he does best.

When the time came for him to leave school for real life, he feared all the opportunities for him to dance would stop. But he saw that there was going to be more to it.

Owen started making choreography and training people, and admits he learned the skill to do so by himself while watching other choreographers do it—and well of course, YouTube. His inspirations include Beyonce, Kaba Modern, Fanny Pak, Request, G-Force, Kyle Hanagami, and Kevin Intal and LSDC-Street.

He says he is open to any style but he is more comfortable doing big and powerful moves. He admits not being a master of any specific genre but he compensates with a big and tough heart to learn each. Dancing for Owen is another world far from the usual—it’s asafe zone, a playground, a happy place, a life partner.

“I let it all out and I groove to the #Auxbeat of my heart!”