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Auxbeat Events Management is an event services organization currently catering targeted market segments—dancers, dance enthusiasts, and members of the dance community, and members, workers, and clients of the information technology-business process management industry.


Its dedicated team of individuals is composed of past and present call center professionals who specialize in the many aspects of the IT-BPM industry including, but not limited to, operations management, workforce management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, corporate communications, and human resources.


The team is a diverse collection of persons who specialize in different professions within the call center industry and thus possess a competitive level of consciousness and expertise in dealing with said industry’s very particular event and service requirements.


Auxbeat, before becoming an event services team, is a group of dance enthusiasts who sought an avenue to continually hone and improve their craft, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance—an apparent luxury in the contact center industry.


As a team, Auxbeat has been working to find other channels and opportunities for other call center workers to express themselves, to enjoy an active lifestyle through dance and music, and ultimately to release stress.


Formed by dance enthusiasts, Auxbeat’s vision has always been to help create and pioneer a dedicated dance community within the BPO industry, and through its projects and events serve as a catalyst for the community to grow rapidly.


With the founding of Auxbeat Events Management, the team now envisions to involve as much industry professionals as possible in the campaign to a healthier and more active lifestyle (through dance, music, and possibly sports and exercise) to fight the call center environment’s many health and stress-related risks.